Barren - Western Sahara

Featuring ex-members of Germany's Zann, Barren is a vegan straight edge band that plays hardcore reminiscent of the 90's chocked full of guitar chugs, pinch harmonics and china cymbal. I'm reminded of bands like Undertow, Threadbare and early Snapcase when listening to his. If the recording quality was a little better I think maybe more of the intricacies would shine, none the less, you still get a good idea of what's happening here.

"A Sharp Line" opens the demo with some relentless guitar chugs. It's not long before the harmonic lead guitar kicks in. The bass break in the middle creates a great dynamic foundation for the build up. "Not Fading Away" has a nice discordant guitar riff with some spoken vocals, before changing the pace and dropping the beat into a nice, straight forward and powerful chugging guitar part.

The vocals remind me a bit of early Desperate Fight Records bands likes Abinanda and Shield. They're screamed, but not totally over the top, though, screamed enough to be a bit incoherent. It compliments the music well and I can only see it being more powerful with a better recording.

Have a listen here.