Bible Thumper - Demo

I've been following the musical work of Steve Hackett and Mike McGauren for some time now. Between the two of them they have amassed quite the resume of New Jersey hardcore and punk. Their newest band, Bible Thumper, is a two piece band from New Brunswick, NJ consisting of bass and drums.

Hackett runs his bass through a guitar amp as well as a bass amp and does some tricky pedal switching to fill out the sound. The vocals are split between both members. This is great since they have two distinctly different voices, McGauren more on the deeper end of the spectrum.

Musically, Bible Thumper sticks to the aggressive, fast, thrash formula. There's no surprises here. It's straight forward and angry. There's some Motorhead influence going on in here mixed with some of your more traditional fast hardcore/punk. Think "almost d-beat" but still leaning a little more towards the faster punk side of things.

I've seen the band play live a number of times and unfortunately I have to admit that this recording doesn't really capture their live sound. The vocals are a little high in the mix on this one and McGauren's power house drumming is not heard as well through the fuzzy bass sound. Go see them live to get the full picture.

Listen here.