Cloud Rat - S/T LP

I caught Cloud Rat two summers ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There live show blew me away. Personally and politically they embodied everything I love about DIY hardcore.

Their sound is tough to put a finger on. There is ton of blast beats beneath some very chaotic guitar and bass work. It maintains a somewhat melodic undertone, without losing any of the aggression that the screamed female vocals put forth. The song "Mouse Trap" is a standout track for me. You get some quality sledge parts and palm muted upbeat rhythms in addition to their usual grind onslaught.

There is a break to the chaos with a spoken word/instrumental track called "Yama". It has a very dark feel to it and sits very well in context to the rest of the record. They revisit the clean guitar darkness on the track "Faint Hearted", another standout track, later on in the record. The record closes with an excellent track called "Complex to Break" winds down with an excellent exercise in sledge done right.

You can learn more about this band's ethics and ideas at the blog and also follow their plans for an upcoming east coast tour. Check it out here.

You can listen to the LP here.