Deathbed: For the Few 7"

Deathbed is a straight edge hardcore band from Atlanta, GA. Taking their name from a 108 song had me interested and they by no means disappointed me. If you're a fan of 90's hardcore in the vein of old Earth Crisis, Chokehold, Downcast, etc...then you'll love this.

There is some serious double bass going in that emphasize the chugging guitars. Once in while the strings throw in some nice metallic harmonies. The tempo changes keep things interesting and added just the right amount of dynamics to keep a raw, yet, well engineered song structure.

I caught them on their most recent tour and I have to say these guys can translate the power of the music in their live show perfectly.

Deathbed takes me back to the days when heavy hardcore was less focused on masculine posturing and more interested in this style of music as a cathartic exercise. There's a desperation and vulnerability behind the heaviness here, as if this band is just baring everything they are and not concerned with judgements.

Have a listen to it here.