Disobey - Human Suffering in Five Movements.

If Disobey is any indication of what the younger generation of hardcore has for us, then the future looks quite nice. These guys are young, but seem to have a full grasp on the proper ingredients to execute some filthy hardcore.

A mainstay at many recent New Brunswick basement shows, Disobey has developed their brand of dirty, chaotic hardcore over the past two years. Their sound is reminiscent of His Hero Is Gone and From Ashes Rise, however they throw some noisy breakdowns in to keep from the predictable monotony of your standard d-beat band. It works well. The double bass could use a little tightening up, but on this recording it doesn't take away from the effect. I found myself enjoying the vocals. They have that deep sound that most bands of this genre take on, however, they maintain some grit and urgency, bordering on a more screamy sound.

The recording has just enough rawness to it which translates that dirty sound, however the mix is just right and the guitar tones really stand out.

Check it out here.