Don't Wake Up - Demo

Don't Wake up are from New Jersey and feature members of Bible Thumper. This band has been around for quite some time, but reformed last year with some new members and some new songs. This is the first release since they got back together.

While this band mostly stays in the fast hardcore neighborhood they stray a bit to other parts of the hardcore trick box by adding some breakdowns and floating beats (the end of "Night Terrors" will show you what I mean). There's even some spacey guitar effects thrown in once in a while. The guitar and bass carry a very fuzzy sound, and I can't tell if this on purpose, or just poor production. The recording quality hinders the overall power of the music and I found myself thinking that it could probably translate a little better with some good production.

Vocally, Don't Wake Up has that tougher, shouted sound that at times almost borders on very loud talking. This makes some of the lyrics pretty articulated and comprehensible. They also throw in an instrumental track which to me sounds like a fuzzed out garage band playing a Slayer riff.

Take a listen here.