For Want Of: S/T

Coming to us from Austin, Texas, For Want Of will have you comparing them to bands like Ampere, The Saddest Landscape and We Were Skeletons. Though, there are some very clear, defining characteristics that will set them apart.

Musically, they do a great job of replicating the intense moodiness of some of the late 90's/early 2000s "screamo" bands. At times the riding chords will remind of you Portraits of Past and Funeral Diner. However, the guitarist can kick into high gear with some strenuous fret work. Listen to the first song "The Orchestrated Decay of Self Sufficiency" for a great example of this. The song structures here are excellent and emphasized by some top-notch drum work that puts accents in all the right places.

Vocally I'm hearing less of the "over the top" intensity that is customary for this genre and more of an articulated shout in which every word is pretty well received. Lyrically things are kept pretty abstract. Even when I detect that the lyrics are focusing on social issues they are still written in a personal manner. The placement of the vocals lends themselves to some great catchy sing alongs.

Check it out here.