Great Reversals - To The Ends of The Earth 7"

Great Reversals come to us from Detroit, Michigan. They're a five piece hardcore band that wear their heart on their sleeves. When I saw them play in Michigan a couple summers ago they blew me away with their honesty and intensity. These songs mean a lot to this band and when they play you can see it.

These four songs are an excellent representation of what this band brings to the table. If you're a fan of bands like Have Heart, The Effort and Verse, then Great Reversals will sound like an old friend to you. They do a great mix of aggressive hardcore with dramatic sing along choruses. The guitar work keeps things very interesting and create some great hooks that get stuck in my head. The vocals have that "shout" to them, bordering on the style of Bane. Various members of the band contribute with some vocals that take the urgency over the top. This mix is great and provides some nice emphasis to the song dynamic.

Lyrically this band is very serious and articulate. The track "Open Wounds" is an amazing summary of the drummer's son having autism and the struggle involved with fatherhood in such a situation. There's nothing more amazing to me in hardcore then to see a struggle like this bring life to a song in such a way.

Check out the track "Open Wounds" here.