Grin and Bear It - Demo

Grin and Bear It have a cute name in contrast to the massive thrash/grind destruction that their music can be characteristic of. They are from Cleveland, Ohio and feature members of Antilles.

This is a band that never slows down. From the beginning of the first track you get a non-stop marathon of intense and fast-moving hardcore. The vocals seem to range in a few different directions from deep growls to higher pitched screams. It's a great variety and I think it fits the music well.

Musically Grin and Bear It are interesting. Their guitar and bass tones are considerably twangier than what you would normally hear in this style of thrashy grind. However, it works in creating a punchy, brightness that hits you just that much harder. The drum work is superb here. It's a collage of blast beats, cymbal catches, drum rolls and off time beats.

Track 2 is called "Truly Ugly" and is one of the longest on the demo at 2:43. It strikes me as a few "mini songs" strung together and creates a pretty nice musical narrative. I could almost picture myself in the studio with them as they start and stop, climbing through the beast of a song. Track 4, "Scared", is the only place you'll hear this band take a breath. The plotting bass intro falls back to give the band time to refuel, until about halfway through when they take you back on full blast.

If you like thrash, but hate the predictability of most bands in the genre, then Grin and Bear It will be just for you.

Check it out here.