La Corde - 7"

La Corde is from San Francisco. They are delving into that experimental punk domain that sometimes sounds like Joy Division and other times sounds like Flock of Seagulls. The guitar is soaked in reverb and the drums are more in the straight-forward/unwavering school of technique. Vocally I'm hearing what I can only explain as Robert Smith if Robert Smith decided to break character and start shouting.

I typically don't really like this style of music, but this is put together pretty well. You can almost picture this being the background music to some 1980's John Hughes film where the the "alternative" crowd at high school is talking to Molly Ringwald. With all the bad 80's hardcore revival bands happening now, I'm glad someone opted to revive 80's new wave here instead to change things up.

Listen to La Corde here.