Landverraad / Sloth split LP

Landverraad and Sloth are two bands from Holland. The artwork (to the left) may have you a little confused and not taking this split too seriously, but never judge a book by it's cover. The songs on this split are angry and well articulated.

Landverraad has a very pissed off hardcore sound which ranges everywhere from super fast to slow and bruiting. The vocals are a bit high-pitched and very relentless. Lyrically you get a good idea of what this band is about with lots of focus on critiquing religion, politics and institutional oppression. "Darkest of Thoughts" is an interesting lyrical detour, focusing on mental illness and instability, it's done quite well.

Sloth brings you some heavy down tuned hardcore that is reminiscent to me of some 90's hardcore mixed with a bit of something darker. I like the way this is mixed and recorded. It has such a dense sound to it which adds to the "piledriver" effect of their music. The bass tone is especially nice. Lyrically, Sloth doesn't pull any punches. There is no abstraction here...they want you to know what they are about. The track "Go Vegan Go" is a brief, but concise example of how this band can lay out it's stance.

I found myself enjoying the Sloth side a bit more here due to the darker and denser sound. I definitely hope both of these bands have a long future in front of them.

Check out the Landverraad side here.

Check out the Sloth side here.