Little Triggers: Delafield

Little Triggers is a new band from New Brunswick, NJ featuring members of hardcore outfits like Troublemaker and The Mongloids, however, these boys are showing their sensitive side here. Hearing the first song instantly reminds me of 2002 and hearing the Dashboard Confessional for the first time. I'm also hearing some slower Texas is the Reason influence at times.

The vocals are a little grittier and don't carry that annoying nasal twang that bands from this genre are commonly prone to. The guitar work is very layered and has some reverb effect work happening to create that large, swirly vibe.

The second track, "Save You", is more upbeat and takes me to more of late 90's place in my head, ala- Get Up Kids and Chamberlain. The recording on both songs is very bright and could probably use a little bit of extra bass, but you can get the idea of what this band is doing very well here.

Have a listen.