Mahria: S/T Cassette

I found out about Mahria just recently. I haven't been this excited about finding a new band in quite some time.

Mahria has all the ingredients that I love about mid 90s screamy "ebullition" style hardcore packed into a current band. If you're a fan of bands like Touche' Amore, Pianos Become The Teeth, etc, then you'll probably like this. But, there's something about Mahria that makes me love them more than the current crop of bands.

These songs have an energy that just blasts out at you. The female fronted vocals are done with intensity. "Justification of an Old Man" is really the stand track where you can here this. The guitar work is wonderful; you get some great note-heavy work without that twangy annoyance that can sometimes come along with it. The drums are an excellent accent to this instrumentation, especially the use of the blast beats behind the melodies. It uses the beauty of the guitars to make an aggressive and chaotic song structure.

Go download it here.