Mean Man's Dream - Demo

Matt Swift is a guitarist from Massachusetts who, to me, has been overlooked as one of the best hardcore musicians today. Matt's work includes Relics, Vaccine and now, Mean Man's Dream.

Also featuring Therrien Dolby of Relics and Wasteland, Mean Man's Dream is a sludgy adventure of anger. I'm hearing a mix between Neurosis and Kiss It Goodbye here and I can't say that I'm disappointed. There are detours from the sludge however, and when this band executes a mid tempo two step or some spazzy botch-inspiried off time goodness, they do it with ease. The guitar and bass tones are beastly and occupy the mix so well.

Vocally I'm hearing something like Kiss It Goodbye meets Verse. The scream is overwhelming powerful and angry. It seems we are getting an abstract mix of personal and political lyrics that are rich with thoughtfulness.

I hope 2012 treats this band well. It would be a joy to see a band like this get recognition for such good music.

Check it out here.