A Message From Your Author

Hi there. So, we're closing in on three weeks of steady record reviews. Thanks to everyone who has been interested in reading and anyone who has sent anything in for review. It's been a lot of fun for me and a great way to hear new music.

That said, I didn't expect the response that I received in result to doing this blog. I've been asked to do guest reviews for other blogs and have been sent quite a bit of music to write about.

I suppose it was my error in not being able to foresee this response, but I failed to lay down criteria for music being sent to me from the start. Here's some quick things to take into account:

First and foremost, if your band has lyrics or artwork promoting violence against women, homophobia or racism I will not review it. This should be common sense. I don't care to hear about how you're being 'artsy', 'ironic' or 'controversial' with offensive language. It's not interesting or 'cutting edge' to me. Your band most likely sucks and I would have given you a bad review anyway. "That's like...censorship..maannn" is the inevitable response I'll get from this criteria. However, this my interpretation of punk and hardcore, so fuck off. If you want to do some G.G. Allin worshiping bullshit, start your own blog and pretend punk shock value is still cool.

Second, send me your lyrics. If they're on your bandcamp, that's great. If I already own your release then there's no need. But, if we've never met and I have no idea who you are then I'd like to get to know you better; and reading your lyrics will help me do that. There's a few reviews I've done where I can only comment on the vocal style because I have no lyrics and I would much rather be able to paint the whole picture. Sometimes, this is my fault, I review bands I like but have no access to their lyrics. It's an imperfect world.

Third, take anything I say in a review about your band constructively. I'm not in the business of clowning people or crushing their artistic dreams. I am one person and it's only my opinion. Links are provided for the reader to make their own judgement and let's hope they do. The main point of this was to share music, not be the final word on the validity of anyone's talent.

Fourth, if you like something please considering supporting the band and buying it from them. Or, perhaps track the release down at your local independent record store.

Well then. I'm glad we got that all out in the open. Onward!