Millions of Them - Failures

From Belgium, Millions of Them were one of the best surprises of my tour of Europe last summer. They had a pummeling live sound and powerful presence. Fortunately for us, "Failures" does everything right in translating this band's live sound.

If you're a fan of bands like Botch, Breather Resist and The Minor Times, then Millions of Them will have your senses fulfilled. The frantic drumming on this record is totally on point. The high gain guitars go from aggressive power chords to intricate, yet discordant, high end noodling. The bass is overdriven and provides that perfect "wall of noise" tone. Vocally this record never lets up with a very powerful scream that fits so perfectly on top of the rest the music.

Opening with the song "Vow" Millions of Them has us thinking for a moment that they may just be offering some straight thrash, but it's not long before they launch in time an off time whirlwind of blast beats and breakdowns. They can also bring things down to a more sedated intensity, like on "Dramatize Revolution" in which the drums remain slow underneath driving guitar and bass.

The entire back cover of this record is reserved for the lyrics. Explanations are nicely provided for each song. Millions of Them do a great job of providing commentary on social and political issues. A clear picture is painted about the state of corporate greed, capitalism and war. It can all seem very grim, and rightfully so. There is a break from the them with "Rome", which addresses the idea of taking negativity and trying to do your best to use it productively.