Not The Bees! - Knees

Not to be the old man...but "back in my day" (picture Grandpa Simpson here) it wasn't that uncommon to go to a show and have a band like Gameface playing with Snapcase at a VFW hall. Genres seemed to mix a lot more back then and I was exposed to a more accessible and down to earth version of pop punk that carried the same approach to music as many hardcore bands at the time.

Not the Bees! reminds me of that gruff pop punk sound from back then. It's sort of like mixing Gameface with Jawbreaker and topping it off with some of the expected light hearted pop punk guitar riffs. The vocals go slightly off key at times, but I think it adds to the character of what is created here; this is not polished, nasaly pop punk for middle schoolers. Despite the happy go lucky feel of the music there is a maturity that allows for a more "rough around the edges" style of going about things and I think it distinguishes this band from others in their field.

The lyrics are pretty typical of this style, lots of references to cigarettes, drinking, low self confidence, feeling anxious and of couldn't have a record like this without a song about new jersey. With all the hooks and catchy melodies, you'll find yourself being able to sing along to these songs pretty easily.

Check it out here.