Old Wounds - S/T

Old Wounds is a band from the Jersey Shore who play music influenced with some spastic hardcore that's anything but traditional.

Taking influences from bands like Converge and Breather Resist, Old Wounds shows that the Jersey shore can do heavy and chaotic. There's some noteworthy guitar and drum work here. Particularly nice is how the guitar jumps into some higher fretwork but still maintains a powerful sound. Feedback rings through every pause to communicate that dirty, noisy vibe. The drumming is very tight and interesting, but never too flashy.

Vocally, Old Wounds seems to have some variation. When the scream is blazing with intensity it works well. However,the voice drops into elements of sassiness often that just seem a little out of place. Perhaps it's the execution, or maybe just that the scream sounds a lot better.

"Bourn To Mourn" is the standout track here. It begins the record on a strong note and takes you through some good examples of what this band can offer us musically, from chaotic guitar to smooth mid tempo transitions. The breakdown 40 seconds into "Hellbent" is an impressive use of dynamics. I could have done without the cover of "White Rabbit" in exchange for another original song.

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