Partners - Jamme

Partners is a two piece hardcore band from Oklahoma. Wait. What? Oklahoma? Yes, Oklahoma.

Despite being from a place that no one has ever desired to move to, they deliver some pretty amazing music. For a two piece it sounds pretty full, but it borders on that spot where you can almost tell something is missing. For the most part this is fast paced, dual vocal music that can go from a nice, fast melodic groove to a slow, sludgy, delicous treat. When this band executes it's faster parts the music can really grab you and spin your head.

The guitar work is pretty stellar here. With tons of pull-offs, melodic chords and quick fret work, the music is kept pretty interesting. Despite it's frantic nature this never sounds sloppy or forced. The drums sit well in the dynamic and provide a great backbone. You can almost see in your head, a drummer who has great timing and solid hits.

Definitely a must hear for fans of Ampere and Refused. There's even a bit of a Bullets In/Torches to Rome vibe happening too. Between these guys and Child Meadow, 2 piece bands are stepping up their game and showing us how great music can be made simply.

Listen to the tunes here.