Raein - Sulla linea d'orizzonte tra questa mia vita e quella di tutti

Recently Raein broke a brief silence and released this new album online for free (with an option for donation) prior to having it's physical release pressed. In the words of the band, "This record is completely self-produced, and for us it is a tribute to that way of thinking and acting, the 'do it yourself' way, that was our fundamental constant during the last 10 years, because there is no other basic need apart from the will to do things. This is an easy thing to say and also an easy one to put in practice, and during this time we found out that self production can be something more than just a starting point." On that note, I knew I was in for something good, mainly because a band going on ten years is still showing so much intensity and attention for what they do.

For those not familiar, Raein come to us from Italy and bring us their own brand of screamy, melodic hardcore. This record follows suit on Raein's previous work and kicks off with driving guitars, emotional melodies and desperate screaming vocals. The tones on this record are wonderful and translate the haunting melodies perfectly. The second track, "Nirvana" breaks character and brings us a spoken build up before launching into a driving field of rocking beats and painful screams. At times the guitars are so rich that they can sound like a classic orchestra, check out the end of "Trasparenti oscure viru'" for an example of this.

On this record I found Raein delving into some Sonic Youth/Smiths territory in terms of instrumentation (listen to "Oggi ho decisco di diventare oro" for this). "Costellazione secondo le leggi del caso" also brings you through something representational of a post rock hodge podge only broken by an occasional chorus of aggressive drums, taking on a Portraits of Past feel.

Raein has always been an impressive band to me and this record solidifies their place in my head as a very original, intense and consistent band.

You can download the entire record here.