Raindance: You and I EP

Featuring members of Convulsions, Raindance is from New Bedford, MA. They just got back from a European tour, which I hear went very well. This new EP was posted online today by the band so I quickly downloaded it.

What you get here is some hardcore reminiscent of Breather Resist mixed with a bit of a bit of newer Converge. The vocals have that Breather Resist style of being half screamed/half talked, but in a very sassy sort of way. The drumming is on point and carries some very well executed double bass. Guitar effects are tastefully added to the music and add a little something different that you don't usually hear with this style of music.

I saw Raindance play a few months ago and have to say , though I like this EP, it didn't capture the heaviness of their live show. Perhaps this is due to recording, as I've seen this happen before with other bands. In no way is it a bad recording, but it may be tough to capture the energy of a band like this on tape.

Bottom line: if you're a fan of Breather Resist, Converge and also dig some mid 90s hardcore like Harvest and Bloodlet, then you will probably like this quite a bit. They have some east coast shows coming up. Don't miss out. Oh yeah...and you can download it here.