Real Good - Is This Good?

Real Good is a three piece indie band from Jersey City, NJ featuring ex-members of Rapid Cities. Now, calling your band "Real Good" is a risk for anyone...I mean, even if you are "real good" it might be crossing the line to announce so in your name. Though, I suppose it's better than calling yourselves "Kind of Good". But then again, they named this release "Is This Good?". So I guess it's up to each of us to sort out this difficult question for ourselves.

For the first five tracks you get something that reminds me of Death Cab for Cutie mixed with Mid Carson July. It seems the bassist and guitarist switch off on lead vocals, so each song can have a very different character from the one before it from a vocal standpoint. For the most part, Real Good sticks to super clean guitars and restrained drumming. I think with a better recording the instruments would shine better and lend themselves to a more powerful sound., as it is I find it a bit hindering.

Then came track number 6."Sysiphean" is the track that worked out for me the most. The opening riff brings the drummer out of hiding and shows that this guy has some chops. The guitar work is much more enthusiastic and serious on this track and the vocals are not messing around either. The melodies are on key and delivered wonderfully. I found myself comparing them to Ethel Messerve and Benton Falls here and I loved it. By the end they are closing the song with a build up into a poppy, upbeat explosion. Is This Good? If every song they had sounded like a variation of this one I would say yes.

Listen to the whole thing here