Resurrectionists / Lich: Split LP

I got to see both of these bands last summer while on tour in England. Both bands had an excellent live performance. A reminder was placed in my head to find some music by both bands as soon as I got home. To my convenience, these bands share a split LP.

Resurrectionists is from Germany and play a spastic, non stop onslaught of heavy grind. The speed picking guitar never stops. The melodies created are more along the lines of what you'd hear from One Eye God Prophecy, Orchid or Kaospilot, but the drumming is a flare of bass and snare hits going at full blast. The dual male/female vocals provide an interesting contrast and really provide a great dynamic. The recording is perfectly mixed and translates the power of this band well.

Lich is from England and feature members of Battle of Wolf 359. They follow Resurrectionists in terms of presenting a dark hardcore sound but, Lich takes a different approach. Straight forward rhythms and fast paced drums create a more groove-oriented brutality here. The guitar melodies are similar to Resurrectionists but Lich lets out a bit more versatility ranging from bruiting chugs to all out grind to mid tempo fast parts. The changes are done very seamlessly and sound very natural. My only complaint with this side of the split is that the recording quality is not nearly as good as the Resurrectionists side. It's a little dirtier and keeps you from hearing some of the brightness of the guitars.

You can check out two songs from the Lich side here and some of the Resurrectionsists songs are here.