Run With The Hunted: S/T

Remember a time when hardcore bands didn't have to print up 17 different shirt designs to be well known, when their lyrics screamed with desperation about issues of human rights, when they opted to play a basement in your town rather than the big club on some 5 band package tour? Run With The Hunted remember this time and gives the rest of us hope that perhaps we can soon return to a time when hardcore was approachable and belonged to all of us.

From Phoenix, Arizona, Run With Hunted play some very heavy, in your face hardcore that has a strong lyrical focus on human rights, not fitting in to mainstream society and creating community.

Musically I have heard many people compare this band to the Hope Conspiracy. There's a good deal of dancy-chuggy guitar riffs happening here, broken up by some very discordant fast parts. There's a great deal of dynamics giving way to some very pronounced anthem-like lyrical chants. The mix is very nice, all the instruments are complimentary to each other and the vocals sit just right at the place where they are not above the music.

Bottom line, you're getting some urgent hardcore here, with great lyrics, guaranteed to bring even the old guys out of mosh retirement to find their way up front for some mic time. Listen to it here.