Secret Lives - Land of Nod/Fiend

I left the Jersey Shore when I was 18. At the time, 1998, there wasn't really anything going on down there in terms of punk or hardcore. It seemed like the moment I left a huge scene sprung up down there. Go figure. Since then the Jersey Shore has been churning out plenty of punk and hardcore. Secret Lives is a pretty good representation of the brand of hardcore you'll find down there.

Secret Lives sound to me like if you mixed Black Flag with some newer Bridge Nine hardcore. The slower parts really make me think of Carry On quite a bit. The music has that total two step hardcore vibe to it but the vocals take you to a different time and place, more reminiscent of 80's hardcore.

Lyrically these songs seemed to be centered around topics of personal despair and hardship. The vocals are pretty well articulated so I can see this being very easy to sing along to, fostering some traditional hardcore pile-ons. You'll find three tracks on their Bandcamp page. It seems the track Land of Nod is recorded much better than the Fiend material.

Have a listen here.