Stressed Out - Dudes Don't Die

Stressed Out was from New Brunswick, NJ and featured members who went on to play in Dystrophy and Dethroned Emperor. Though, on these songs you'll hear those guys playing something that is less of the death metal persuasion and opting to be in more a neighborhood of something like Pulling Teeth mixing with Suicide Tendencies. Don't get me wrong, the death metal is still there (just listen to the Slayer-esque guitar solo at the end of "PxMxAx" for proof).

The first two tracks "PxMxAx" and "Disney Kids" set a great tone for the release and give you a pretty filling taste of what Stressed Out was all about. The songs bring elements of death metal, thrash and even some mosh-laden hardcore."Brunswick Cops" shows the band pretty much abandoning the death metal influence for a little while and borrowing from the classic punk/thrash rule book.

Lyrically Stressed Out addressed a gambit of subjects like positivity, commercialism, police interaction and atheism. Their live show almost always featured vocalist Richard giving a well spoken and sincere explanation on some of his favorites. I mainly reviewed this selfishly because I would hate for this band to be forgotten..not only for their music, but really for the ability they had to spread ideas to a basement full of punks and promote some sort of dialogue within oneself.

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