Subhumans - The Day the Country Died LP (Classic Album)

Every Friday I will try to pick a record that is a classic to me. This could from any time in my life and will span my musical experience. This Friday I decided to go to my middle school years and highlight one of the first punk bands that introduced very substantive musical and lyrical material to me .

I was introduced to punk with the standard fare of the Sex Pistols,The Ramones, The Misfits, etc. My 14 year old self loved the power chords and upbeats. But, lyrics about monster movies, partying and being offensive for the sake of being offensive just came off sort of empty to me. If people asked me why punk was rebellious I had no other answer than some purely superficial fashion statement to defend.

Along with the Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat and The Subhumans I was introduced to a very articulate and insightful brand of 80's punk. "The Day the Country Died" was an album that forced me to question everything around me. It had great melodies that were easy to sing along to and, compared to the standard punk fare, had some more creative song structure.

If you're interested in some 80's style British punk with great lyrics and catchy song structure, then maybe this could be up your alley. For me it captures a certain time and place in my life that was exciting and fleeting.

Stand out tracks like "Minority", "Nothing I Can Do", "Big Brother" and "No" still retain their powerful narrative to me all these years later.

Check it out here.