Teen Wolves - Demo

From New Brunswick, NJ, Teen Wolves is among the many bands you can hear at your weekly basement show playing fast, thrashy punk. I find the name slightly deceiving, since I think all of these folks are in their twenties by now. Musically it's everything you'd expect from a fast punk band, however this team will throw a few curve balls into the mix with some parts that have more of stop-start feel to add some dynamics and emphasize some of the vocal work.

The production is very muffled, and while the music is played well, it doesn't have me raving about it. Where I found the most inspiration from this band was in the straight forward lyrical style. Teen Wolves leave abstraction and tip-toeing behind. This band wants you to know how they feel, and quite frankly they want you to know they are fed up.

"Epic Failure" was my favorite track with lyrics like "You preach about unity, Brotherhood and respect. Well it's a bunch of bullshit when i hear your homophobic slurs and disrespect towards women. Respect, you'll never get from me. Exhausted from all your excuses you try to justify." You may see it as straight forward, and I don't think that's a bad thing. The concept that hardcore/punk is "preaching to the choir" is being tested here and I feel Teen Wolves is here to emphasize this notion.

The mood can also go lighthearted with songs like "Never Forget Your Root(s)..Beer" (a song about their love for root beer) and "T.W.P." which carries an anthemic sing along about youth.

Check it out here.