Thou - Summit

I first saw Thou last Fall when they came through New Jersey. They've been around for quite some time and I am only now just getting on the boat. Their live show presented a very heavy down-tuned soundscape that was the perfect mix between sledgy and interesting. I've never really heard much about hardcore from New Orleans, I must admit it's rare to see being nested up here in the Northeast.

"Summit" brings us 6 songs but clocks in at about 52 minutes. Some of the guitar work here reminds me of bands like Baroness in that it's sludge has a melodic noodling mood to it. The song "Grissecon" has some great examples of this. I hear some extra instrumentation behind the guitars such as keys, horns and perhaps, violin. There's not many places for the drums to go, as the music is extremely down tempo most of the time. However, the drummer manages to add some great fills, double bass and accents to keep things from going what I would call "the Pelican route". The vocals never really veer too far from the standard set forth in the first song. It's an over the top, incoherent scream that lends itself well to the droning power of this music.

Lyrically though seems to bounce between abstract ground and very frankness, addressing both personal and political matters. "Prometheus" boasts a bit more of a straight forward approach: "Three things only do slaves require: work, food, and their religion. Those callous-kneed ringer-kissers. The eyes of providence are blinded to the suffering that surrounds."

The record is produced very well. Every instrument is very well heard and the mix lends itself to translates the band's powerful live sound.