Troublemaker - Moratorium

Troublemaker is a straight edge hardcore band from New Jersey. They offer some angry and aggressive music with some equally angry lyrics to match. This band is presently close to calling it quits, but don't let that stop you from indulging yourself in some interesting hardcore that will most likely make your bad mood even worse.

The one thing I can't get passed on this recording is the snare drum sound. It's very bass heavy and flat. There's times I think it's a rack tom and I shouldn't be thinking that. Other than that I have no complaints.You get some very dark bass and guitar tones that emphasis a sludgy, dirtier atmosphere. You can make out the lyrics pretty well, but the vocals are not holding back.

Musically Troublemaker maintains to inject their angry mood into a multiplicity of blast beats, sledge parts and guitar chugs. The drumming puts emphasis on each chord well with an arsenal of bell hits and precise bass drum. This is especially apparent when the band wraps up a chord progression by ringing out the last note and letting it simmer. Some tracks featuring bruiting parts that lend themselves to a vibe reminding me of Kiss It Goodbye (see "Mjolnir") while others keep things speedy with a whirlwind of pauses and changes. The band also breaks with two instrumental interludes on this record ("i" and "ii"). They are pretty uneventful musically, I get the impression they're more for mood and atmosphere with their droney soundscape.

On parts of "God Breath" the drum work was reminding me of Slayer with it's quick ride cymbal work. A cover of My Bloody Valentine features bassist Kwame taking vocals and having the band stay true to the songs original structure.

Download it here.