Ugly Parts - Demo

The minimalist 80's hardcore sound seems to be the popular trend these days. Admittedly, this genre doesn't really do much for me, so keep that in mind. I'm sure there are some that just love the style and want to replicate it. Regardless, Ugly Parts is about the 10th band this month that I've seen boasting the label "for fans of 80's Boston hardcore".

Ugly Parts features members of tons of New Jersey bands, Filthy Habits and Bible Thumper just to name two. The music is filled with upbeat drums, fuzzy bass, low gain guitar and throaty vocals. It's not recorded too well, but it adds to the effect of the early 80's motif that they have going on.

For the most part you're getting a high speed assault of punk, but at times they can bring down the tempo. "Closing In" exemplifies more of a slow sound for a few moments with it's fuzzy bass and stomping drums. Similar to how I felt about Four Fingers, there is nothing wrong with the musicianship here (in fact, the band is quite tight on this recording) but I'm not really drawn in quite the way I'd like to be. Ugly Parts manages to replicate a particular sound but I don't know what I would say is really making these songs distinguishable from the many other bands who have in the past, or who are now, fostering this style. I can see this band going over very well at future New Brunswick basement shows.

Listen to it here.