United Nations: Never Mind The Bombings, Here's Your Six Figures.

This is the second effort from New York's United Nations and I think this release is more streamlined and powerful. Featuring members of Converge and Thursday, this recording is a constant barrage of drum fills and dissonant guitar chords.

Hearing this makes me think of bands like One Eye God Prophecy and Jeromes Dream...except with a much cleaner recording sound and fuller production.

The vocals are screamed with a good amount of intensity, but every now and then you'll hear a Geoff Rickly melody thrown in there. It's done in just the right manner that it comes across as tasteful, and livens up the soundscape, rather than take away from the screamy intensity of the majority of the songs. There are a couple of instances here where the songs open up to sweeping bass solos and I can't help but enjoy the tone and playing there.

At about twelve minutes, you get a pretty good look and feel for what this band is about.

You can get it here.