Unrest - Demo

Ok, so I take back anything I ever said bad about Oklahoma. This is the third band this month I am reviewing from there, so they must be doing something right despite their red state status and bad cowboy boots.

Unrest is a vegan straight edge hardcore band. Lyrically they focus on issues of Earth liberation, the problem of religion and competing with apathy.

Musically I could picture Unrest fitting very well back in the days of the 90's hardcore with bands like Earth Crisis, Chokehold (they do a cover by them) and Birthright, but I'm glad to see people playing this music now. The chugging guitars never let up as they soar above the mid tempo drums. There's even some pinch harmonics and metal harmonies thrown in for good measure. However, there are a few exceptions. On the song "Denounce" the band opts to take us to melodic grounds for a few moments. "Apathy Never" shows us the band can also execute some faster hardcore without sounding too traditional as well.

The vocal delivery is mostly brought to us with a powerful scream which breaks every so often for some spoken word parts. The spoken parts are typically used in pauses or buildups to create a dynamic before jumping back into the intensity.

The recording quality could use a little brightening up. I found the bassiness of the overall mix stifled the effect just a bit. But, over all you can get a picture of what this band is going for. I'm interested to hear more in the future.

Listen to Unrest here.