Veloz - Sleipnir

Veloz recently called it quits. I was very upset as they are one of few bands that I found myself very excited by. Featuring ex and current members of Furnace and Host, Veloz created some amazing hardcore that had a perfect blend of melody and rage.

These 5 songs shine with technical drum and guitar work which turn what would be your average d-beat song into a much more interesting soundscape of off time fills and melodic guitar runs.

"Wake the Plague" opens with some "get up and go" drum work just before the guitar launches in to some Botch-influenced noodling. It's a strong way to start off and had me hooked. "Killer Fiction" begins by taking you to a more traditional place with a drum and bass d-beat intro before bringing you a great example of how Veloz can turn the d-beat repetition into something so much more fulfilling. "Second Nature" closes the record with a great, tasteful palm muted breakdown.

The vocals are on the deeper side, but without the growl. You can hear the breath being pushed out of this guy with every word. It compliments the music very well.

Listen to the whole thing here.