Viduus - Fearfully Awaiting the End

When I reviewed Partners last week I couldn't believe there was a band from Oklahoma. Well, maybe the Midwest has a few more surprises.

Viduus is from Oklahoma City and play dark hardcore with a little something different thrown in to keep it interesting. In addition to your standard d-beat parts there's also some nice breakdowns and melodic interludes. Think of bands like Furnace or They and the Children mixed some more traditional work like Tragedy.

The recording quality is less than desirable here, and I can only imagine how intense this would sound with some nice production. Particularly, the drums sound like they have potential to translate monstrously with proper recording.

These guys not only throw down some great music, but also deliver some great critiques and ideas to go with it. Lyrically, I interpret these three songs as addressing superficial youth cultures, the dysfunction of religion and the abuse of American power on the global landscape.

Check it out here.