Waxahatchee - American Weekend LP

Joe from Don Giovanni Records got in touch with me and sent over a bunch of releases for review. Thanks so much Joe! This is the first one from the batch.

Waxahatchee is Katie Crutchfield, a Brooklyn (of course) resident. These songs are acoustic and recorded with that vocal style that has just a bit of reverb to add some grit to it. You can almost picture this album being the soundtrack to some new Zoe Deschanel movie. But trends aside, this is some great, honest songwriting. You're mostly going to experience some slow moody folk here, it's extremely relaxing and soothing. Though, there are a few detours on the album.

"Luminary Blake" takes a different turn and adds some drums to convey a sort slamming effect with the song's rhythm. It's different than the rest of the album, but not in a bad way. The opening guitar to the song "Bathtub" sort of reminds me of the Pretenders "Back on the Chain Gang", but I'm willing to let this slide because Katie takes us in a great direction of lyrical and melodic dynamic. The album finishes with a piano led song called "Noccalula", which features some breathy vocals over the waltzy key strokes. As a listener I was left with a great impression of this album from start to finish. An Excellent addition to the soundtrack for some future late night drives.