We Were Skeletons - S/T LP

We Were Skeletons are a three piece band from Lancaster, PA. If you're a fan of the late 90's and early 2000's "screamo"(I hate this term, but how else could I really define it?) genre then you will love this. It done quite well, without any of the sassiness or pretension that bands of this genre displayed back in their hay day.

The musicianship on these songs is way above the bar and really shows that these guys know their way inside and out of the instruments. It makes you wonder how the guitarist and bassist are both singing and playing while holding down such complicated fret work. The drumming is extremely well executed and never falters or sounds rushed.

They have a knack for being able to pull off great song dynamics as well. There are some great stops/starts that bring the intensity back in full blast along with some tasteful instrumental interludes to emphasize the oncoming vocal assaults. For a good example of their full spectrum check out the song "Kids".

Listen to the whole record here.