Ampere / Ringers - Split 7"

This split is an usual pairing in terms of genres, but I suppose it pushes the envelope in that regard. Perhaps when two bands that sound nothing alike are paired together it challenges the listener, and I get that...or it can just result in one side not being so good.

Ampere uncharacteristically breaks one minute with the song on their side of this record. Though, it has all the parts you've come to love about the band. Combining the melody of bands like Portraits of Past and For Want Of, along with the directness of trash sensibilities, Ampere is well known for their well crafted, quick melodic bursts. This song is no exception. It's recording is a little brighter than some previous Ampere work and the duel tracked guitar is very apparent here. The song has some repetition which is a detour from the band's usual composition style. It works very well though and, at 1 minute long, the song hits very hard. There's a nice subdued break in the middle, focused on the tom drums and some palm muted guitar, along with some quick guitar breaks that take you furiously back in. Over all a great representation of the band's talent.

Ringers I can only describe as something like Jawbreaker meets "Re-Inventing Axel Rose"-era Against Me. I like both of those bands, but this is sort of like mixing both of those bands with a lot of water. It's upbeat poppy sound is actually a little harsh on my ears and not really executed exactly how I'd like. In the 2:47 the band has to win you over they stay upbeat and happy. You get that Irish drinking song feel sort of mixed with some high school talent show style pop punk at times.

Check it out here.