Axidance / Gattaca - Split LP

Gattaca comes to us from the Czech Republic and play a brand of epic, melodic, heavy hardcore. Similar to bands like the Spectacle, Gattaca takes d-beat and adds some melody to further a more dramatic effect. The record starts out with an intro of mandolin and acoustic guitar underneath some sampling. With songs that average at 5 minutes each, Gattaca creates an epic composition with each track that will take you from fast, to slow, to building and everything in between; this is shown in "SeŇ°li Jsme Z Cesty" . "Gulag" begins with a slower, more melodic pace, before driving you back to the aggressive melody they have you accustomed to, and offering some single note speed picking from the guitarists. The main vocal is a gruff, deep scream that bellows over the music well, only contrasted by a higher pitch second vocal at certain times to emphasize the effect. The mix here is done well and I think these songs have worked well with the production used.

Axidance is from Russia. They follow suit with their own epic compisition called "Aeon" which is themed in four parts. In the words of the band: "Aeon is a long story, which combines all the work of Axidance over the last years. The song is presented in four parts. They are like four chapters of the book telling about the world. Aeon unites all our ideas and views to one mass, ecological problems, animal rights, racial prejudices, slavery. It all comes to a common imago of aeon. This is the last steps of the first epoch of Axidance. The end of the road we were building. Now it is time to build bridges..." Aeon introduces four tracks of dark soundscape, similar to Gattaca, but perhaps more toward the metal side of the spectrum while still maintaining the d-beat style. From what I can read about Axidance, they have been around for quite some time now, taking long hiatuses between activity. They haven't made these tracks available on their bandcamp page yet, but here's hoping we'll be seeing more from these guys in the future.

Check out the Gattaca side here.

Check out the Axidance side here.