Bangladeafy - This Is Your Brain On Bugs

From what I can tell, Bangladeafy is a two piece band from New York. I suppose you could file this under the Progressive Rock category, but it's definitely more minimalist, raw and experimental than typical Prog fare.

Similar to a band like Hella, Bangladeafy intermingle two instruments in a constant dance of twists and turns. The fret work here is non-stop; complete with speed picking and whirling scales. Though, they manage to integrate some melody into the picture which makes the songs more than just technique.

The drumming is very creative here. Even at times when the beat seems straight forward there is usually some sort of subtle foot or hand work happening that you really have to pay attention to notice. At times the subtle approach is dropped all together and you are in the midst of a tornado of rolls and crashes.

Vocally things vary. "Where The Steer Go To Die" runs with a vocal pattern and style that seems to be channeling Refused's work from "The Shape of Punk to Come". "Consumers By Candlelight" takes a different approach of dry shouting at times that I didn't find too flattering before returning back to the aforementioned style.

The instrumental tracks work a little better and don't come off as lacking anything to me. In fact, I think they work better because the obvious strength here is the musicianship. Bangladeafy falls prey to sounding a bit like the background music for a 1980's video game, but if you can get past that, there's some interest playing going on here.

Check it out here.