Boatrocker - Delicous Jams

It's a good thing I consider these songs delicous, or might have just pursued legal action against Boatrocker for false advertising. From Wilmington, Delaware (insert your classic Wayne's World joke about Delaware here) Boatrocker's music is delicious in that it provides some substantial flavor throughout.

I suppose I could compare Boatrocker to a less polished version of Thursday, but with some more raw and hard hitting sensibilities similar to bands like Polar Bear Club or Marathon. For the most part the songs all break the 4 minute mark, with some exceptions. The production is pretty well done and seems to present the band in the light we'd expect for this style of music.

You can get a great idea of the versatility this band can offer by listening to tracks like "The Stupidest Thing I've Ever Heard" and "Shortchanged". For the most part you will find Boatroacker twisting and shaping melodies from slow to mid tempo, while layering them with swirling guitars and desperate vocals that show imperfection (in a good way) and nuance. The drums are creative ranging from complicated stick work and even breaking out some machine gun style double bass at times.

"Winter Kids" takes a more upbeat approach, bordering on the melodic punk territory. It's uncharacteristic 2:44 run time sets the track apart, complete with what could be construed as a dueling guitar solo to add to get that much more off the map. The double bass and noodly guitar in songs like "Adam and Steve" and "Jaded Engineers" show the band can take things off the map, but somehow they maintain to work it all in together seemlessly.

Lyrically, Boatrocker take a straight forward approach at telling you their story. I'm partial to this technique and with Boatrocker I feel I get to know them better with each song. Topics include Aging, Self Esteem, Religion, Homophobia, Relationships and present them in a clear and concise manner. All this with a sense of humor (see the cover art for some evidence). My only complaint here is the song lengths, at times it seems a shorter delivery would emphasize the lyrics a little better.

Listen to it here.