Bottom Line - Black and White

Bottom Line are from Southern New Jersey and play a straight forward style of hardcore. Right off the bat I noticed their cover art is very similar to the Worlds Ep that I reviewed last month. I think the music is played well, but nothing is jumping out at me to distinguish the band's sound. The recording quality is sort of muffled, but everything is audible and the ability to hear the separate instruments is there.

"Out of Time" begins things with a short intro before the vocals come in. The divebomb guitar harmonics are a nice touch; more bands seem to be bringing this back into vogue. There's some strong dynamics placed in the song at times which are accented by some gang vocals. "Depths of Despair" goes the faster route but still maintains the band's personality.

Lyrically this band seems keep things very grim and hopeless. The vocals have a pretty "middle of the road" vibe to them. It's a shout that has a little bit more grittiness to it. "Black and White" sounds a little bit more "punk" with it's lyrical cadence and bass solo chorus. They break things down about 1:48 into the song, returning to their more familiar sound.

They close things up with "Shallow Water" which keeps to the slower side of things. At about 1:40 they pick things up to a non climatic mid tempo. The song plots it's ending with a vocal cue which drops into the breakdown. The ending has a feel similar to Youth of Today's "Envy"; the music fades out while the drums cement the conclusion.

Listen to it here.