Brain Fever - S/T

Brain Fever is from Calgary and have a pretty unique sound that can take you from an experimental melodic feel to something way more heavy, aggressive and straight forward. There's elements of bands like Mahria mixed with some heavier, more discordant fare.

"We Begin" launches the record off with a mostly instrumental track, experimenting with time signatures and guitar noodling, until the vocals kick in to really take the song soaring in a more focused direction. From there Brain Fever show you how they can mix things up and keep the music moving.

The production is a little dark which, at times, works to translate the heaviness. However, the higher pitched guitars are getting lost at times. The female fronted vocals fit well over the music, though at times the talking seems to fall behind the beat. Most of the time, it's right on though and compliments the music well. There's a deeper back up vocal that pops once in a while and it works to help break things up (see "Mountainous" for an example).

"Riddle" shows the band take a bit more of a straight forward direction at times and the track has a great, driving vibe to it. "Technitude" has some overly technical obnoxious stop-start parts to begin with, but drops into a breakdown that will have your head bobbing. There's elements of power violence here as well, just listen to the 24 second track "Desperate Times" for it's fast, no nonsense approach. "Moments Like These" is the epic crescendo that brings the album to a close with a great anthemic build up that explodes into some powerful ring outs.

Check it out here.