Captive Bolt - Rape, Slaughter, Slavery and Vivisection

Captive Bolt will have these songs out on a 7" soon on New Ethic Records. The band comes to us from Jacksonville, Florida and play some politically charged hardcore emphasizing issues of animal rights, non-conformity and atheism. Their sound can be described simply as fast hardcore; angry, direct and leaving little room for interpretation. Though, there's something about the band's intensity and message that sets them apart from the legions of other fast hardcore bands I've heard in the past few months. As with most of this style of hardcore, the recording quality leaves something to be desired.

"Cogs" starts things off with a blazing drum roll that fires off into a fast barrage of anger. The songs remains on the upbeat side of things, but about 30 seconds in takes a spoken vocal and layers it over some ringing guitars. "Fight to Exist" made me understand that this drummer has some very solid form with the drum rolls and well executed fast beat. "Non Believer" begins with a spoken intro which is contrasted with full instrumentation that follows it. 45 seconds in the band shows us their ability to break things down. The tempo slows and for a moment as we get to breath and take it in. "Justified Arson" blazes right back out of the gate though and sends us on the band's usual twist of high speed energy. About a minute in there's a nice break that includes some iconic lyric work and anthemic delivery.

The band also includes a cover song; "Cats and Dogs" by Gorilla Biscuits, is lyrically appropriate here and follows the bands ideology. It's well done and recognizable for fans who familiar with this classic. I'd be interested to hear a better recording of this, as I think it has great potential.

Check them out here.