Cassilis - My Colors

I first saw Cassilis in Allentown, PA about 5 years ago. They were very good, but my mind wasn't totally blown. Fast forward to 2 years later, I saw them play in Bethlehem, PA and they blew my mind. Finally I've got my hands on these mp3s and I'm delighted on how this band has evolved. Cassilis play a chaotic and noisy style of hardcore, similar to some noisier 90's bands, but with a touch of the down tuned heaviness of today's modern bands.

The record opens up with "Judgement Dude" which has an opening riff that I can only describe as a heavier, down-tuned version of Ampere. The musicianship is on par and through the heaviness there is still a melodic sensibility. The conclusion 1 minute in is aggressive and leaves you wanting to hear more.

"ESPN HD" takes the band on a bit more of a subdued route. There's not as much thrashing and chaos, but more attention to groove on this track. There's bits of older bands like Frail and Elements of Need happening here. "Dirt Shirt" brings the heavy, dark sound back into play. This is not gimmicky or moshy, this is just a wall of great heaviness hitting you very hard.

"Who The Fuck is Gil Lewin?" brings the upbeat heaviness we heard in the opening track for a quick 30 seconds before dropping into that slow wall of sound this band does so well. They create a nice dynamic between some cleaner guitar and the heaviness here. At 1:25 the groove is pretty overwhelming and though they cut it short, you won't be disappointed when they bring it back to close the track.

There's moments of genius here, like the 30 second mark on "Swallowing Cities" that uses a stop/start dynamic to pull of some great controlled chaos. The song moves further to a Breather Resist feel when the guitar goes to some higher fretwork laced with some reverb and dirty bass. "Gypsy" almost had me comparing Cassilis to one of my favorite bands from the 90's, Channel. It's stomping snare drum and soaring guitars create a great desperation. The breakdown 30 seconds into "Carcassonne" is of a head bounce; I think you'd have to be asleep not to feel the groove in it.

The record moves further and songs like "Church Tongue" and "My Colors" will remind you of the instrumentation that you've seen these guys produce. The band ends the record with "I Take an Interest In Clean Living" which opens up sounding as though the world is going to end. The slow calculated heaviness and raging scream has me wondering why this band is not talked about everywhere by now.

Listen to it here.