Curmudgeon - Human Ouroboros EP

Curmudgeon comes to us from Boston. They have a sound and feel that is refreshingly different than the typical Boston fare and carries some nice distinguishable characteristics too it. "Human Ouroboros" is an eight song snapshot of the band's musical expression, which is mostly dark and angry. The vocals have a higher register sound and it works well in setting this band apart from others. The lyrics are also easier to make out due to this style of vocal delivery.

The recording is very dense and bass heavy. The drums are working with quite a bit of reverb as the distorted bass rumbles in the background of each song. It works well for this style of music, as all the heaviness is translated well.

Curmudgeon does a great job of mixing fast and slow with some great dynamics and transitions. It reminds me of bands like Troublemaker, but without the bruiting anger. Most songs break a minute, but there are few (like "Worthless Generation" which clocks in under 30 seconds) that come and go before you know they started. I would recommend Curmudgeon though, in the sense that this something that really stands out. I find myself liking it more on each listen.

Listen to it here.