The Demon Beat / Elephant Child - split 7"

The record starts off with The Demon Beat. I'll attempt to describe their sound by saying it sounds like 90's alternative rock with a very fuzzy, blown out mix. "Garage Rock" may be the hipper monicker to use for this I suppose.

"Teenage Wasteland" begins with some stop/start guitar and sassy vocals. It's actually pretty catchy and well executed here. Their dynamics and chord placement show that these guys probably have some good sense of how to keep a song moving. "Change The Subject" actually takes us to some territory that reminds me of late 80's / early 90's work of The Replacements and Paul Westerberg. It's melodies are more subdued and translate a gritty, college rock feel. Overall the musicianship on these songs is very well done. They seem to work very well with locking into each other musically.

Elephant Child, from Harrisonburg, Virginia, take side B and follow suite with their own version of minimalist rock. I don't get the same catchiness or musical proficiency that I felt while listening to The Demon Beat. Perhaps the band shot a little to high with a song clocking in at 6:07. The vocals here have an off key drone that doesn't create the sing a long feel I'd hope for. There's some creative guitar work here involving higher fretwork and harmonies, and that was the standout for me.

Check out The Demon Beat here.

Check out Elephant Child here.