Discourse - Demo 2011

It's strange to me that I'm just finding out about Discourse now. This straight edge band from Columbia, SC play an extremely varied brand of hardcore that keeps things interesting. The recording quality is a bit muddy, but the guitar tones and drums are sounding pretty tight. The mildly screamed vocals are a nice touch and fit the music well.

When first starting out with "Condemn" you may be thinking this is just another fast hardcore band. However, the song instantly drops the tempo and begins to mix things up. Of particular note is the double bass/tom work at the end. The drummer has good placement and makes the songs work well.

"Carved In Stone" begins with a slow package of chugging guitar and cadence style vocals. 40 seconds in the song tightly pauses and allows the bass to plot the speed for the next upbeat part. They land into a great chugging breakdown that smoothly works into some Messhuggah-esque low single note work, and then just as smoothly back to the chugging.

"Follow" takes on some more chaotic characteristics in it's approach and shows the band's use of less conventional arrangements. This is all blended well with some more straight forward fare to keep things interesting yet maintain a nice groove. "No Heroes" has a great flow to it, coupled with some great lyrical work. The instrumental interlude that begins about 2 minutes in provides a nice introspective feel to end the record.

Listen to it here.