Divider / Colony - Split 7"

I've seen both of these bands a number of times now. Ironically both of them have undergone some recent lineup changes involving vocalists. Divider has enlisted former Sky Came Falling frontman, Christopher Tzaompanakis. Colony have foregone their vocalist and applied the screaming duties among the guitarist and bassist. This is the first release, I believe, with these new lineup changes.

Divider contribute one song clocking in at 4:04 entitled "Tide Lungs". The vocals and drums are on the spotlight first before bringing some chugging guitar and bass into the picture. The band begins a mid tempo stomp only broken up by a few held notes. The melody is developed into an open note strum and finally relieved by a build up featuring some rolling drum work. The song concludes with some dramatic dynamics and powerful hits. I think Divider is keep things minimalist here, as it's definitely more on the reserved side from what I've seen these guys do musically.

Colony move much faster and provide some dark hardcore laced with feedback and grit. "Hourglass" hits hard and takes off fast. But 45 seconds in the band is offering us a stompy breakdown with dual vocals and chugging guitars that evolve into single note melodies. "Empty Caskets" slows things down and shows the band's "stoner" rock side, complete with slow drums and note ridden guitar, before returning to their noisy home. They finish of with "Dead Ends" which is definitely the stand out track on the record. It has some great variety in terms of speed and dynamics and it shows that Colony is well aware of how to craft an interesting and heavy composition. The melodies that creep out 1 minute in to the song are a nice change, but in no way sound out of place.

Listen to it all right here.