Esazlesa - chtel bych videt svet detskýma ocima

My friend, Petr, from the Czech Republic has been suggesting some great bands for me these days. Esazlesa is another band he's recommended and I can't say that I'm disappointed with the music I'm hearing from this set of musicians. In Petr's words, this is the Czech Repulic's answer to a band like Envy or Funeral Diner. The comparison is pretty right on, but there's a little something different that's happening from both those bands.

"Papírový Pouta" is the first track and clocks in at 7:22. There's lots of time for a myriad of changes and dynamics here. The band takes you for a quite a ride but mostly maintains a mid tempo feel. The melodies work quite well, as dueling guitars swirl around each other with elements of reverb and delay laced into the overdriven sound.

The second track, "Nemý Chlapec" is a bit more subdued in it's introduction, relying mainly on reverb/delay soaked clean guitar forming a long intro. The drums slow come in about 2 minutes and lead the next minute of subdued instrumentation. At about 3 minutes the track explodes with overdriven guitar, even adding some piano to achieve some more dramatics. The intense drum work at 4 minutes in is of note. With tight, fast rolls, this drummer is showing us some real chops. To conclude the furious roles the song drops into a great breakdown which really provides a great pay off. We see more flashy drums before the song's end to conclude this release. All in all, it's very impressive.

Listen to it here.